Conveyancing Leeds is a legal process that is required in the purchase or sale of a property, or even when you are looking to remortgage your home. It helps ensure the legitimacy of the purchase by checking that the property is the seller’s to sell, that there are no hidden surprises from the land or the surrounding area, and that you really are getting what you pay for. Using a good and reliable service can help ensure that the house buying process goes smoothly and completes sooner.

Purchase Of A Property

When you buy a house you need to ensure that you really are buying what you expect. This not only means that contracts need to be drawn up between buyer and seller but that certain details about the property and its land are checked with records held by certain companies and agencies. This is where a conveyancing Leeds company or professional can assist the purchase of a property.

There are many checks that are conducted during this stage. Your conveyancer will ensure that the seller has the legal right to sell the property. They will also check other factors, such as whether there are any unknown rights of way that pass through your land and whether there are any proposed developments in the area. More formal checks include determining that a property is not liable for the partial upkeep of parish buildings and that it does have access to suitable drainage.

The conveyancing process

The conveyancing process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months but, typically, it should take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete. It is possible to have your conveyancer complete it quicker so that you can move quicker but this may not always be possible depending on the complexity of the sale, the value of the house, and how quickly you intend to move.

It is possible to pick up DIY conveyancing packs but mistakes can prove very costly indeed. Instead, choose between property lawyers and professional conveyancing services, and ensure that you choose the service that offers the best value for money and a clear and transparent pricing model.